Warren A. Smith, a lifelong resident of Cortlandt, NY, announced his candidacy for the office of Cortlandt Town Supervisor, in the elections to be held on November 7, 2023. 


After many years of serious involvement and consistent, ongoing participation in the civic affairs of the area, and with the encouragement and firm support of his family and a broad coalition of local citizens, Warren Smith has made the decision to run for elected office. Smith firmly believes that he can make a positive and bi-partisan effort on behalf of the community as a whole by approaching the Supervisor’s responsibilities with the interests of a more inclusive base and by prioritizing issues affecting those who live and work in the Cortlandt area. 


“For many years,” Smith said, “Cortlandt Town Supervisors and Board Members appeared to constituents to have governed by adhering to a single political philosophy and perspective. Town residents have expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the outcomes of decisions made by the board and widely applied, though not of benefit for the greatest good.  


Mr. Smith firmly believes that, if elected, what should be demanded of him is to develop and apply a more diverse vision when dealing with the work at hand, taking into consideration critical needs and a responsiveness that speaks to all Cortlandt residents and commercial interests. As Supervisor, Smith’s mandate would be one that is neutral, putting party politics aside and offering a more inclusive, common sense approach when determining solutions applied to the many problems Cortlandt faces now and will be dealing with in the future. 


Warren Smith’s goal is to inspire people who may feel powerless to step up and take action by participating in the process of making constructive transformation for the Cortlandt community. 


Over the next eight months, Smith plans on meeting with local constituents and groups to hear directly of their concerns and suggestions. Before the November 7th election, he will release a comprehensive platform outlining for voters what he believes are viable solutions going forward, to be considered for voters to evaluate before casting their ballots. 




Improving Public Safety 

Transparent Local Government 

The Promotion of Responsible Economic Development 

The Creation of Opportunities for Wide Public Participation and Engagement 


“Cortlandt is at a critical juncture. Our town faces issues that require creative, workable solutions, which can only come to fruition when consideration results from a “melting pot” of diverse ideas and critical thinking, benefiting the community at large,” Warren said. “I firmly believe that the vision I would bring to the office of Cortlandt town supervisor will meet the moment.”  


If not now, when.” (Hillel the Elder) 



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